Bricks and mortar is king for costume jewellery shoppers, reveals our latest research.

As part of our #ask100shoppers tool, we asked 100 female shoppers about their last costume jewellery1 purchase to help retailers and brands better understand how they can inspire shoppers to buy.

The survey found that the largest proportion (44%) of shoppers spend between £26 and £100 on costume jewellery with one in ten splashing out over £200. Twenty per cent buy more than one piece in a single trip.

The majority (79%) of costume jewellery shoppers buy in-store with almost a third (28%) favouring independent retailers and 72% prefer visiting a jewellers over online when researching a purchase.

While favouring bricks and mortar for purchasing, costume jewellry shoppers sought online reassurance with one in five visiting social channels or reviews before buying. Of those who bought online, 65% used a desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

The majority (85%) of shoppers bought costume jewellery for themselves – 44% said they felt like treating themselves and a third were buying for a special occasion.

Emotion ranked top on their biggest influence to buy with 91% citing their ‘love for a piece’ as the single most important driver. In terms of more tangible influences to buy, the top three were rated as price, assistance in store and the person they were shopping with.

These findings clearly show that bricks and mortar is king when it comes to shoppers buying costume jewellery, so it’s vital that jewellers make the most of their in-store marketing. As well as heroing their offer in window displays, staff must be well-trained and informative to help guide purchases.

Here are our 5 marketing tips to influence jewellery shoppers to act

  • Think about window displays and don’t miss-out on an opportunity – do your stores shout costume or fine jewellery?
  • Consider key trading events to drive awareness
  • Ensure your shopper experience is consistent yet channel relevant online and in store
  • Bring social shares and reviews in-store to persuade and influence shoppers
  • Sometimes shoppers just need a little nudge – think colleague training or real time offers to act as the excuse women need

If you are interested in our #weasked100shoppers tool or how we can help you to inspire shoppers to buy, please get in touch.

1  Costume jewellery was defined as treasured jewellery that would last at least a couple of years – but not a lifetime.

Sue Benson, managing director, The Behaviours Agency