As part of the launch of our white paper on Retail 2020, welcome to our Store of the Future, which illustrates new retail design trends alongside those features that will stand the test of time.

Fast-forward five years from now and we’ll see a very different set of shoppers who have adopted a very different way of shopping.

While there are many changes ahead, some of which are already gaining traction, others of which are just a dream, if you put your customer – the shopper – first you will be on the right path to successfully future proofing your retail design.

Your shoppers should be at the very heart of any retail design project. By focusing on the following four principles you will build an engaging and future proof model:


We live in a fiercely competitive environment, brands and retailers vying for our time and attention. The brands that will win will focus on and cultivate convenience. Build it into your DNA. Live it through technology and people. Make it as simple, easy and enjoyable as possible to shop with you, wherever, whenever, however.


Contrary to what you may think, colleagues will still remain central to your service proposition. But think differently about their role, think of them as collaborators with your customers. Experts in their field. The centre of the community. Take inspiration from brands like and Pets at Home – where colleague and customer interaction is re-shaping their categories.


Despite the shift in power to the customer, brands have a responsibility to tell the stories about themselves and the products they sell. Focus on the authentic experience to create differentiation. And then be responsive to your customers wants. Even at a basic level consider day part changes, dynamic pricing models or customer experiences that reflect the shopper in-store at that moment.


And finally be everywhere and anywhere. Through the channels shoppers want to use, with delivery methods that fit with and complement their lives. Be it while on their travels or on their home turf.

This is truly an exciting time for retailers and brands. With opportunities around every corner the key is to think like a shopper – take them on a journey with you but don’t be too far ahead that they can’t engage and enjoy your experience.

Retail 2020

The Behaviours Agency’s Retail 2020 white paper launches in December, showcasing the challenges facing retailers, brands and marketers. It depicts the most pertinent trends that will shape tomorrow’s shopping experience, so you can quickly and easily grasp what’s hot, what to look out for and what to avoid, if you’re to attract, delight and ignite future shoppers to act. Sign-up to receive your free copy.

Sue Benson, Managing Director The Behaviours Agency