Bricks and mortar high street stores are the life-blood of sports and outdoor brands as shoppers seek to try before they buy.

This was one of the major findings we uncovered from our research of more than a thousand home and leisure shoppers about how they prefer to shop and what influences them to buy.

The study captured how behavior varies wildly by category and our latest report reveals shopper attitudes to sports, fitness and outdoor brands.

Sports and Outdoor Shopping Uncovered is free to download now it promises to help those working in the category how to best market their goods, and make the most of their shopping experience with advice and tips based on what we found.

What’s inside Sports and Outdoor Shopping Uncovered?

Our research found that nearly two-thirds of shoppers visit a store at some stage when buying sports, fitness and outdoor goods.

Furthermore while just around a third of people prefer to buy online, 41% solely shop instore – 10% higher than all home and leisure shoppers.

Pretty compelling stuff when you weigh-up the prioritisation of online Vs in-store activity.

The study was based on our Shopper Forces model, so mapped the relative influence on buying decisions of price, need to touch, shopping experience, need for education, brand, and social approval.

Shoppers buying sports and outdoor brands want to be able to touch and play before parting with their cash – more so than any other category, which makes it clear to see why physical stores play such a big role.

Shoppers were more likely to be brand driven. And while getting a good price was important, shoppers were less likely to expect a sale or bargain with an underlying view that you get what you pay for.

What does the research mean for marketers?

The insight tells us that successful brands must educate customers, give them an immersive and unique experience while making it easy to try on and try out.

As well as having a positive impact on the bottom line, this approach will help avoid the need for discounting.

We’ve seen how great the rewards can be with brands like Nike and Adidas making waves not just in sportswear but in retail as a whole, as innovators and inspirational leaders on the high street.

How can I get my free copy of Sports and Outdoor Shopping Uncovered?

Sports and Outdoor Shopping Uncovered is one in a series of special reports based on the research.

Click here to download a copy of the Sports and Outdoor report.

Click here for the main report – Shopping Uncovered: How we really shop.

If you’d like to know more about the study, see how we could tailor the research to gain a better understanding of your product area or help you create more engaging shopping experiences, get in touch.