Most companies are striving to grow, but being owned by an Investment Capital Fund means that Sharps Bedrooms' marketing must deliver scalable growth year on year.

We’ve worked with Sharps Bedrooms for well over a decade, and it’s exciting to have a client with that level of ambition, and with an understanding of what it takes to constantly push forward so the company can grow profitably. There’s no magic bullet to deliver consistent scalable growth – no one thing to do that guarantees it happens. It’s a constant and consistent approach of looking for incremental improvements along with exploring potentially revolutionary ideas.

From a marketing point of view, this has to be built on a sound product which is communicated to customers through a compelling, differentiated brand proposition. With Sharps we have the benefit of both of those things.

To leverage the product and proposition, we essentially work with Sharps on constantly testing, learning and refining what we do. The basis of this is our BE.ACT customer journey planning model that lets us plot how the customer behaves and feels at each stage of the journey towards purchase (and on to advocacy) so that we can better target communications and carefully consider the strategy to use at each point.

This approach is applied to every project we undertake with Sharps, most notably in their TV advertising. You can read the full detail in our case study here, but briefly we replaced Sharps existing TV ad concept as it started to show signs of decreasing performance. The new concept was developed following a programme of research and our behavioural approach generated the successful ‘Twice The Hidden Space’ ads.

The drive for continual growth doesn’t only touch ATL advertising though. We’ve used the same drive for improvements to inform every part of customer’s interactions with the brand. We transformed their showroom experience by analysing best in class retail practise through a Retail Safari, bringing the findings together with other research in a collaborative workshop to create some concepts and ideas to revolutionise the showroom design and customer journey once they walk in. We developed this into a new showroom concept that was then rolled out across the estate.

On a more detailed level, our approach is applied to the design of all marketing communications. We constantly re-evaluate the design and messaging of every piece against its’ purpose and the desired customer behaviour. This lets us make constant improvements to increase performance and contribute to growth.

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By James Kay

Senior Account Director