Jewellery retailers are combining creativity and innovation throughout their approach to in-store display and design.

Here we take a look at four ways jewellery retailers are working their in-store environments to move with the times and influence shoppers to act.

Jewellery Retailers – Trend #1 – Ready to buy

Time poor shoppers who want to update their look but feel overwhelmed by the choice available are being persuaded by jewellers who use clever display and pack techniques to help them recreate the latest styles.

Led by some of the big department stores and fashion chains like Top Shop, this is about ready-styling jewellery in multi-packs, so the fashion conscious can easily accessorise with the season. Endless looks can be created and we’ve seen as many as six different pieces per jewellery pack, meaning the odds are in your favour that at least one of them will go with an outfit when back home. ‘Compliments’ is an extension of this trend where we’ve seen watches with bracelets, rings with necklaces, and even tattoos packed with jewellery.

Jewellery Retailers – Trend #2 Art & retail love affair

Art and retail are embarking on a convergent love affair and jewellers are no exception. We saw this trend emphasised in a big way in a recent Retail Safari in Amsterdam. From the way products are displayed and merchandised in store, right through to working with artists and designers.

You don’t need to look far to see this intriguing art/jewellery synergy in action. Londoners were treated to the results of 15 years of archival work when Bulgari exhibited late 20th century pieces in its Bond Street jewellers. Original drawings were displayed among the earrings, bangles and necklaces themselves.

Jewellers that can create a connection with the arts will establish themselves as tastemakers and increase their level of cultural capital. This has never been more important, as stores become less transactional and more interactional. Consider how an art exhibit could draw greater audiences, or how enlisting the help of an artist could create an art­work out of your product or even turn your store into an art installation. These are simple ways to generate footfall, but consider also how art can add a depth of meaning to your brand. Think about how good art is at encouraging questions and engagement, subverting the norm and challenging its audience. This can be communi­cated in a playful way, but the possibilities are limitless.

Jewellery Retailers – Trend #3 – Colour

Using colour to accentuate precious stones while at the same time reflecting the latest season’s trends is a good way to engage shoppers. It provided the basis to reinvent their window displays.

Fine gem stone jeweller Shiptons & Co made colour the focus on their approach to in-store design, bringing together online and physical shopping experiences. The exotic colours of their gemstones were emphasised to tell the story of their origins from the tropical rainforests of Brazil to the hot desserts of Egypt. Seasonal promotions were updated to follow the colour-focused approach, resulting in significantly increased sales.

By adopting a colour strategy, jewellers can show that they are current. Also they can embrace what’s new and bring key trends to life throughout their store through product display, themes and merchandising.

Trend #4 Creativity for wearable tech

While the Apple Watch took wearable technology mainstream, the trend is now emerging throughout the world of jewellery, and retailers are adopting and experimenting with their in-house experience.

Misfit’s new Swarovski Shine collection is a lovely addition to the fitness tracker world. Swarovski delivered a fitting experience to introduce the concept to clients and journalists by hosting a ‘Voga’ so they could exercise and experiment at the same time.

A major barrier in wearable tech has been the aesthetics of the products, so jewellers have their work cut-out to make them appealing. Minimalist wooden casing has been a favourite, but creativity has also come into force, which also reflects the product’s innovation. Last year Apple took over 24 of Selfridges’ iconic windows with a blossoming floral installation to bring the Apple Watch to life.

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Dorina D’Ambrosio, Creative Director