Four tricks and treats of Halloween advertising 

Following in the footsteps of America, each year Halloween grows in popularity here in the UK. As well as people giving themselves and their homes a spooky makeover, brands are taking the same approach to their marketing. Here our some of our favourite tricks and treats of Halloween advertising.


Supermarkets are always on the ball with the Halloween theme, identifying it as a prime time of year to communicate their spooky breadth of offering. This year’s Asda TV advert uses the trick of moving through a home during a party. It’s the perfect way to showcase all of the items available for the Halloween season, from costumes and decorations to sweets and food. And it’s all wrapped up in a catchy, charming and entertaining Michael Jackson, Thriller-esc. dance party. Take a look at the ad here


Fancy dress is dead. Long live the fashionista Halloween party-goers! Well that’s Boohoo’s approach to Halloween 2017. The Manchester-based online fashion store is pushing fashion over fancy dress, showcasing clothes with a completely different kind of shock factor. It’s a treat for your wardrobe and your pocket because most of these items can be worn beyond Halloween without scaring people! Its Halloween message is mainly pushed on social media with a series of short videos, showing different outfits. Supported by a social media campaign, #ScareScale encourages followers to submit their spookiest pictures to win prizes.

Treats from Mars

What would Halloween be without stuffing your face with lots of yummy sweet treats in front of a good horror movie? Well, Mars have brought the two worlds together to make some brilliantly un-nerving bite-sized horror movies.

In partnership with Fox television network, Mars created four short horror movies for Snickers, Skittles, Starburst and M&Ms. Directed by up-and-coming horror movie talent, the narratives shine through without heavy branding or product placement. This is to the benefit of the brands as more people will tune in to be entertained and not tune out because their sole intent is to sell you Snickers! 

Fanta reawakens its Halloween campaign

Halloween is now the fourth biggest retail event in Great Britain,” said Simon Harrison, Customer Marketing Director GB at Coca-Cola European Partners.

That said, it’s no surprise that Fanta has decided to continue its Halloween packaging campaign from last year, leading the charge with a complete packaging design overhaul for Halloween 2017. The shelves of retailers across the globe will carry Fanta with the spooky illustrations of renowned designer Noma Bar. Cans are supported by a unique code, giving fans access to Fanta-branded Halloween Snapchat filters and lenses. Hoping to pack a punch, they are sure to build excitement while driving sales as shoppers look to stock up especially for the event.

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Blog by Phil Monks who works in the creative team at The Behaviours Agency