8 shopper DIY trends retailers need to know.

With analysts predicting a surge in home improvement spending this year, we look at the myriad of ways DIY retailers can capitalise on the latest shopper behaviour DIY trends

The nation’s love affair for DIY is set to continue with research from Plentific.  It reveals that nearly a quarter of homeowners are planning to spend more this year on home improvements in at least one area of the home.

This is great news for DIY retailers, but continually changing shopper demand. This expectation means to successfully ride this period of growth, marketers need to keep on top of the latest trends.

Eight key trends that are shaping shopper behaviour within DIY retail

#1 On Demand
With not only the rise in digital but also the increasingly demanding lives we live. It’s no surprise that shoppers are looking for convenience in all places now. A way for DIY retailers to cut through and deliver value to the consumer is to think beyond the product on offer.

Re-thinking formats and services is a key opportunity area for the DIY market and various brands, such as Topps Tiles smaller ‘boutique’ store format, are already proving this to be a successful move.

#2 Community Culture
As e-commerce becomes go-to for many shoppers, stores have to evolve. This means providing added value and an experience in-store that you can’t get online.

For many brands, stores are now being seen as places for people to come together, be inspired or learn something new. This trend is extremely relevant for DIY, particularly for millennials, who are often stating their lack of skills and confidence in this area and require extra support even on simple tasks such as changing light bulbs or painting a wall.

#3 Seamless Convergence
Shoppers now hop between multiple platforms and expect a superior level of customer service at each stop. The brands that are winning in this area are the ones that are offering a consistent and seamless shopper experience through digital, in-store and in some cases outdoor. Made.com retail showroom is expert in this territory.

#4 Knowledge Economy
This is a trend particularly relevant to millennials within DIY. A recent survey found that one in three struggle with basic household DIY tasks. The study also revealed that 77% of 25-34-year-olds could not fix a bike puncture, 37% cannot bake a cake and 39% couldn’t paint or decorate a room. Educational marketing materials and workshops instore can help engage and build trust among unconfident shoppers.

#5 Customisation Culture
Customisation has been around for a long time, however, what’s becoming increasingly interesting is that it is shifting from simply putting a stamp on something to designing products to meet personal and unique specifications, often digitally. NikeiD offers DIY retailers fantastic out of category inspiration in this area.

#6 Female Empowerment
Many mainstream brands are now tackling the issue of female empowerment with Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’ campaign being a prime example. The bold and highly integrated campaign empowers women, in general, to exercise regularly and attempts to tackle some of the stigma attached to women and sport.

#7 Simplification
This is actually becoming less of a trend and more of a necessity. According to the Global Brand Simplicity Index, 64% of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences. Ensuring simplicity is a mandate throughout the customer experience journey is not only essential but expected. IKEA lives and breathes this simpler ethos.

#8 Home is still King
This was originally a post-recessionary trend however, it looks like it’s here
 to stay. A survey of 2,000 adults by Deliveroo found that 50% of consumers have ditched friends ahead of a night out to stay at home, often arranging to go out and then cancelled with just hours to go. This means more and more people are spending longer at home and socialising there.

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Gemma Sheridan, Planning Director, The Behaviours Agency