Within the past year, approximately 1.5 million young people in the United Kingdom experienced bullying, with half of them never telling anybody through fear, embarrassment or a lack of faith in support systems.

Charity Pop Up - PAQ
Unlabeled - Lynx

This is where PAQ, four friends who are behind Youtube’s most popular streetwear show, have come together to create a community where people feel comfortable and safe at all times, in an aim to conquer bullying.

PAQ set up a pop-up event “Ditch the Label” in collaboration with Lynx. They removed the labels from every piece of clothing in an effort to promote equality and authenticity within fashion and sold each piece for £10 which was donated to the anti-bullying charity. The idea of a pop-up shop to raise money for charity is an excellent idea, it puts the products in high demand when there is a limited/scarce resource. People won’t want to miss out, especially when the money is going to a great cause. Lynx also launched a limited-edition unbranded body spray and shower gel, 100% of profits were also donated.

Personally, I think PAQ are really inspiring, especially for the younger generation. They make it clear that nobody’s better than anybody. Take away the label…we’re the same as each other. You can tell they are all very passionate about what they do, wanting to make younger people feel comfortable in their skin.

Overall, I definitely feel PAQ  and their Ditch the Label campaign will reframe how people think and hopefully more individuals will take inspiration from them.

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