Finally, after years of digital media domination it looks like market maturity is approaching. 2019 will see the OG of media, TV, growing!  

If our source at GroupM serves us correctly, numbers say that TV will play a part and is a medium that should certainly not be underestimated:

“Ad-supported TV remains hands-down the most effective advertising medium. It consistently and convincingly argues for its safety and certainty, with proofs of ROI. Efficacy multiplied by evidence equals impact.”

Research earlier this year from Radiocentre and Ebiquity highlighted that online media does not deliver on what brands are investing. GroupM’s report reflects this understanding and we can see a change is on the horizon, albeit a minor one, but a change nonetheless.

Ok, so not all traditional media should be popping their corks. Dark days continue for print (newspaper and magazines) as internet ad spend continues to increase and it’s in this area where digital has certainly triumphed. Radio and outdoor however can sigh a huge breath of relief as ad spend indicates an increase. Radio in particular sees a significant growth of 7%, not too shabby for a media that has been rumoured to be dying a death.

We understand traditional media has the most trusted voice and this is hugely important for brands, old and new. Not to mention that it is pretty hard to tell your brand story in a short digital dwell time.

The dubbed veterans of media have been harshly underrated and no doubt look forward to taking back some share from their whipper snapper digital counter parts. Oh, we do want front seats to that showdown!

We’re excited for 2019 to put an end to this hyperbolic notion that TV and traditional media are dying.

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