UK shoppers’ ongoing love for the high street experience will keep town centre shopping alive, according to our new report.

Shopping Uncovered: Online Vs Instoreavailable to download now – found that 75% of consumers will not desert the high street for online shopping, with nearly half preferring to get a feel for products in person and almost a quarter enjoying the social side of going out shopping.

But while shoppers’ love affair with the high street will protect it from the pressure of people buying online, almost a fifth want to see stores develop a more community spirit than consumerist feel.

Sixty per cent of shoppers said they preferred to go instore at some point, whether to research products, try before buying online or just to buy. The majority of respondents said that staff on the shop floor could make or break an enjoyable experience.

Shopping solely online was preferred by 40% of shoppers. Ease, price and choice were the main reasons shoppers felt e-commerce would eventually lead to the death of the high street.

Shopping Uncovered: Online Vs Instore reports on our survey of more than 1,000 UK shoppers to better understand the relationship between shopping in bricks and mortar stores and online.

A few words from our Managing Director, Sue Benson:
“Despite reports of declining footfall and shop closures, we shouldn’t underestimate just how much we as a nation love the experience of spending time with friends and family out shopping.

“A call for retailers to focus more on their communities and less on consumerism means building a richer experience, promoting shopping together, delivering an exceptional service, and encouraging play and engagement on a deeper, less transactional level.”

Online Vs Instore: Shopping Uncovered is available to download for free from today