The D&AD COMMITTEE based in the North

From being a student many years ago and remembering my first entry to the the famous Awards, D&AD has always been an inspiration to me as the global organisation that represents creative, design and advertising communities and celebrates brilliance in commercial creativity.

Here we are today, and it’s a great honour to be part of the D&AD Committee in the North (outside London). As always being part of this organisation doesn’t disappoint. I’ve had the great pleasure of being introduced to some of the most influential and creative people around Manchester and the North West.

All I can say is that there’s even more exciting things to come… and as a committee we can’t wait to share the brilliance in creativity raising from Manchester and the North West region.

D&AD Festival 2019

D&AD Festival 2019 highlights

Now the exciting bit. Hosted at The Old Truman Brewery, D&AD Festival 2019 is a three-day creative spectacular, celebrating the world’s best in craft, creativity and culture showcasing the best talent across the global for 2019 with the theme of ‘Shaping the Future’.

The festival runs alongside our world renowned awards programme. The event was full of keynotes, fireside chats, workshops and masterclasses from the world of advertising, art, design, fashion, film, and more.

The venue at the Truman Brewery was the perfect space for the awards showcase and exhibition, stages, panel talks and a vast amount of talent and variety on craft. And how could I forget the amazing street food too.

Why should you attend?

Here’s my top 5 highlights from the D&AD Festival 2019

1. You will get to meet the greatest creatives/ artists/ speakers from UK and around the Globe

Here’s one of the them. I attended Music, Magazines and Madness with Billie JD Porter and Marvin Scott Jarrett.

Marvin Scott Jarrett is a creative in all forms. He has an unwavering passion for music, art direction, typography, photography and media. What he’s achieved with braveness throughout his career is remarkable. Starting his career at Creem followed by RAYGUN, working with legends like David Bowie, Andy Wahol and Billy Idol. Ray Gun produced over 70 issues from 1992 through 2000.

Marvin shared his love for music, typography and Japanese art and graphic design and how this has inspired him throughout the years. He also shared how he is now shaping the future of Nylon where us is currently editor and chief. Nylon is a New York–based fashion magazine. Its mission is to celebrate the risk takers and rule breakers of today and tomorrow! Celebrating those who are pushing the boundaries to define the look, sound and culture of our world.

The most notable common thread among all of Marvin’s magazines (from his latter-day Creem through Nylon) has been their graphic design.

D&AD Festival 2019
D&AD Festival 2019

2. Snap up the latest talent. ‘Make way for the next generation’ with Next Award Winners.

These awards are a perfect talent-spotting opportunity for agencies looking for fresh talent.

I attended a Q&A with three of this year’s shortlisted Next Award entrants. The panel discussed the inspiration behind their work and what they believe the future holds.

It was great listening to passionate and ambitious new talent. Everything about what inspires them and the challenges they are met with. The confidence and the work they shared was inspiring.

It’s interesting and not surprising in this day and age they still work in low paid placements working ‘til all hours in the hope they will return the following week, or have that lucky break they deserve – seems like some things don’t change over the years.

It was great to hear what success means in their own minds. I wish them well and all the success in their future.

D&AD Festival 2019

3. Discover what’s happening and trending across the globe and ‘Changing perceptions in prohibition markets’

The panel included a broad range of minds involved in the cannabis markets.

Stephan Roux & Roham Bayat. – It’s not rocket science, Paul Frost – CSO SourceMedium, Dimitri Freeman – Freeman international, Lukas Kocfelda – Cannabis & CBD investor & Helena Currie – Medicinal Cannabis Research and campaigner

It’s very interesting how the world is moving on and as cannabis markets open up, what role does design and communication have in educating, altering perceptions and legitimising all uses of the plant.

The panel discussed a broad range of topics from the differences between CBD and THC, Med vs Rec. But most importantly for a design and creativity festival, how our industry has a responsibility to look at the broader potential for the fibres and waste materials from the medicinal, recreational and hemp industry. When thinking about packaging design, can they lead a greener more sustainable path? That’s the question.

4. Feed your creative imagination

You can get immersed in the best new products, services and platforms for creative professionals. There was a playground area to take the likes of Adobe and Microsoft for a test run and inject fresh perspective into your own creative outlook with the visual, physical and audio installations. With the addition of an unforgettable VR experience.

And for the first time ever, D&AD released a shortlist which will be exhibited alongside the Pencil-winning work. Screening rooms showed music videos, film advertising and Integrated campaigns. While a vast hall displayed graphic design, book design and packaging design. The very best in creativity will be on display to feed your imagination and to renew my creative energy.

5. Celebrate excellence in creativity

The 57th Annual D&AD Awards is a showcase of the worlds most outstanding creative work. Here are the lucky ones who picked up an iconic pencil.

Congratulations to everyone. See the winners here 

And finally… a few pieces that caught my eye (out of many).

A great range of print and design, that was cleverly and exceptionally crafted.

D&AD Festival 2019
D&AD Festival 2019

By Dorina D’Ambrosio

Creative Director