Our Creative Director, Dorina, tells us about the experience of being appointed to the judging panel for the Creativepool Annual 2019 Awards.

It’s one thing entering your work for awards – the conceptualising, crafting and deliberating into the night – but it’s another thing to judge the work. Judging the Creativepool Annual 2019 awards was a fantastic opportunity and a privilege to be part of the ‘other side’ of awards.

The Creativepool Annual 2019 judging panel is a collective, rich in diversity with knowledge and experience to help set a high benchmark for creativity in the year. It’s an opportunity to study and deliberate over the standard of the life-changing creative work produced in the UK and around the globe.

So, I was extremely excited to be judging the Typography Category.

Going into the judging there’s a few typography questions I considered:

Does it tell a story? Storytelling comes in many forms in advertising and design. Where as the words and pictures speak directly to the audience, the typography plays a powerful role in keeping the story alive, whether that’s for a campaign or an entire brand.

Is it a shortcut to the brand? Typography is a key heuristic that can immediately make your brand identifiable amongst many others.

Does it drive the tone of voice? Tone doesn’t just shine from what is being said, but how it’s said. That’s where typography can be incredibly powerful.

Is the work crafted to an exceptional level?

Does the work create an emotional connection with the audience?

How will the idea change behaviour?

With these questions in mind, the debating really stepped-up a notch when it came to deciding on a solitary Gold Award. And after much deliberation, we landed on one winner for the way it changes how things are viewed / done forever.

Gold / People's Choice

Agency: SomeOne

‘The Pack is Back’  – A redesign of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC branding.  

“My personal opinion is based on the hand cut font and the way it works with Wolves’ brand. ‘Seamless’ – this will resonate with the fans.”

The Pack is Back Typography
The Pack is Back Typography 2


Silver went to Williams Murray Hamm  for Jean & Temple’s launch of its new fashion label.

“A new and energetic type creation that brings attitude and clear definition to the fashion brand  – I absolutely love it”

Jean & Temple Typography
Jean & Temple Typography 2

Many congratulations to the winners and runners-up and a huge thanks to the team at Creativepool for organising a great event.

Why not take a look at how we use typography for Housing Units, which was nominated for Creativepool 2018 Annual.

If you're not familiar with Creativepool or their Annual Awards, here's a bit about them...

Home to over 250,000 talented people and 20,000 of the planet’s most innovative companies, Creativepool is the hub that connects the global creative industry. This year the Annual is in its sixth edition. It offers a collection of the best and brightest campaigns, brands, agencies, influencers and newcomers from across the globe. Exhibiting a monumental range of talent across the creative sector, the Annual is a compendium of the best work from across the globe across a spectrum of creative disciplines.

Unique in its approach, entries are judged by an international panel of judges including some of the biggest names in the industry as well as representatives from global brands. The People’s Choice vote spreads the word about the award across the world.

Last year we reached out to over 500,000 creative industry professionals and produced 5,000 Annuals that were distributed across the globe and on the desks of CMOs and the world’s best agencies.

By Dorina D’Ambrosio

Creative Director