Celebrating a year of behaviour-led creativity

Celebrating a year of behaviour-led creativity to mark the end of our financial year means reflecting on what we’ve achieved as a team and thinking about what’s to come next.

To put it lightly, a lot happened! We had plenty of ups and a few lockdowns. But all the hard work the team put in paid off and we more than managed to turn things around, we thrived in the toughest year our industry has ever seen…

Here’s just some of the things we’ve been up to:

😀 We lived our new vision, to be the happiest little agency in the World

🧠 We launched our new behavioural model

🎨 We developed our BOLD new creative way of working

🔥 Some of the World’d leading brands came knocking, and we answered with some great work

Check out the video below to have a nosey at what else we got up to… (spoiler alert – we celebrated a promotion, said hello to some lovely new faces, welcomed back some old ones, a puppy found a new home and we got through 43 bottles of Prosecco!)

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By Tamsin Scott

Head of Marketing