Did Uncommon Creative Studio’s merchandise sum up Cannes this year?

“Stop wanging on about AI and make some good work”. We expected a lot of chat about AI from Cannes Festival 2024. But at the end of the day, we’re united as an industry to do the same thing “Do good work”. And it’s not about ignoring  AI, but rather getting on with it and using it as a tool, not a crutch or replacement for human thinking.

A point of conversation in numerous panels and conversations, AI’s potential lies in augmenting human ingenuity, not supplanting it. It’s the final touch of human intuition and understanding that is indispensable. And it shows in the winning work.

On the subject of Uncommon. Unsurprisingly their British Airways OOH campaign “Windows” won big with their beautifully art directed and simple storytelling idea.

In total juxtaposition to this… the first fully Openai SORA generated ad for Toys ‘R’ Us that’s been doing the rounds. By this standard, it’ll be a while before real human emotion is delivered by robots (at least until we’ve taught them.)

Creativity needs humility

The resounding message that echoed throughout the festival was the importance of authenticity. We live in an increasingly digitally noisy and algorithm-driven world. Therefore genuine stories and emotional connections are more crucial than ever.

Brands that can tap into universal human experiences, values, and emotions will always find an audience that’s willing to listen.  It’s probably why at this year’s festival authentic storytelling stood out in numerous award-winning campaigns. As well as us all breathing a sigh of relief, it evidences the enduring power human connection has in advertising.

Innocean Berlin’s Reporters Without Borders – First speech campaign exemplifies the power of authenticity and the power of universal emotions and values. It transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with audiences on a deeply personal and human level.

People are united by liking and wanting the same things

While social media algorithms undoubtedly amplify trends, the festival’s discussions also underscored the need to break free from this echo chamber. Many views highlighted that the more impactful campaigns often challenge conventional norms, pushing boundaries and sparking conversations. While this is true. This is still a place for just connecting with what people know, without overthinking, but making sure that you go all in with the creative execution…

The winning entry from CeraVe underscores the power of shared experiences and (dare I say) the power of celebrity… Sure, social media algorithms can dictate what it thinks we’ll like, but CeraVe showed that they already knew.

Personal taste builds trends

The festival celebrated the idea that true innovation often emerges from niche communities and personal passions. While scalable ideas may dominate the mainstream, the real magic lies in nurturing creative expressions that resonate with specific audiences. Speakers highlighted the importance of supporting niche creators, championing diverse voices, and fostering an environment where unique ideas can flourish.

The  ”If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A” by AdamandEveDDB brilliantly showcases the V&A as a diverse melting pot of human creativity across centuries.

At its core the message is that no matter how niche or specific your interests are, the V&A has something to cater to those passions. Perfectly leaning into the notion that trends often emerge from niche communities and personal obsessions.

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