I’m still staggered by how few brands appreciate the business case for marketing to midlife women, and are continuing to miss out on this untapped powerhouse of the UK market.

Our latest data reveals that midlife women, often ignored in favour of younger demographics, are an economic powerhouse and a highly influential consumer group. Here are some of the things we found

The rise of the midlife superconsumer

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Sheer Size: In 2020, there were 13 million women aged 50+ in the UK, outnumbering women under 50. By 2040, this demographic is projected to grow to 15.3 million.
  • Financial Might: Midlife women started outearning women under 40 in 2019 and now control a staggering 47% of the UK’s wealth. Their spending power eclipses that of millennials by 250%.
  • Decision-Makers: A whopping 93% of midlife women make most or all household purchasing decisions, influencing everything from groceries to holidays to major investments.
  • Autonomous Spenders: Midlife women tend to have more autonomy over their purchases than younger women, with a significant portion making financial decisions independently or jointly with partners.

The disparity: Feeling invisible yet eager to engage

Despite their economic clout, midlife women feel overlooked and underrepresented:

  • Invisibility in Advertising: 69% feel invisible in advertising campaigns that rarely depict women they can relate to.
  • Open to Influence: Nearly 70% express a willingness to buy from brands that authentically portray women “who look like them.”
  • Category Catalysts: The data shows midlife women are 1.6x more likely to be “category catalysts” for beauty, grooming, and health products, meaning they significantly influence others’ spending habits in these areas.

The business case for marketing to midlife women: A win-win opportunity

Ignoring midlife women isn’t just a missed opportunity—it’s leaving money on the table. By tailoring your marketing efforts to resonate with this group, you can:

  • Unlock a Vast Market: Tap into the immense spending power of a demographic that is actively seeking products and services that cater to their needs and preferences, especially in categories where they exert strong influence.
  • Foster Brand Loyalty: Build lasting relationships with a group that is hungry for authentic representation and connection with brands that understand and value them, recognising their autonomy and decision-making power.
  • Drive Sales Growth: Witness a surge in sales as midlife women enthusiastically embrace brands that speak their language and reflect their reality, particularly during key spending periods like Christmas and birthdays, where they outspend younger counterparts.

Actionable strategies for success

Authentic Representation: Ensure your marketing materials feature diverse portrayals of midlife women, showcasing their varied lifestyles, interests, and aspirations.

Relevant Messaging: Craft messaging that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities faced by this demographic, highlighting how your products or services can enhance their lives, cater to their independence, and acknowledge their influence on others.

Multi-Channel Approach: Reach midlife women across various platforms, including social media, print media, and online communities, where they are actively engaged.

Collaboration: Partner with influencers and organisations that resonate with midlife women, leveraging their credibility and reach to amplify your message.

In Conclusion

Midlife women represent an enormous untapped potential for businesses across industries.

By recognising their value, understanding their needs, and tailoring your marketing approach accordingly, you can unlock a new era of growth and prosperity for your brand.

Don’t let this powerful demographic remain invisible—embrace them as the superconsumers they are and watch your business thrive.

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