To support retailers in their effort to encourage shoppers to wear face coverings when shopping, we’ve created a suite of behavioural-led mask posters.


As it is now a legal requirement for the public to wear face covering in stores and other public places unless exceptions apply, stores are required to take reasonable steps to promote compliance with the law. In instances where exceptions do not apply, there is still a small number of people refusing to cover their face when leaving their home according to figures from the Office for National Statistics. In instances where shoppers are required to wear a mask and refuse to, it’s down to retail workers to enforce mask-wearing, many of whom may feel uncomfortable doing so for fear of backlash.

Research carried out by The Co-op suggests that one in four of its frontline shop workers have been on the receiving end of violence, abuse and anti-social behaviour over recent months, despite most people feeling shop workers have provided an essential service during the pandemic. 

Sue Benson, Managing Director at The Behaviours Agency explains: “As the nation finds itself in our second lockdown, retailers are yet again under pressure to serve their communities in challenging circumstances, all while ensuring their customers and staff are kept safe. Supporting retailers and other small to medium businesses has always been at the heart of what we do as an agency. We wanted to find a way of using our expertise and creative talent to offer retailers a helping hand during this difficult time. As a creative agency that specialises in behavioural science, we understand how impactful a behaviourally-led approach can be, so we applied these techniques to encourage mask-wearing.”


The posters have been cleverly created using behavioural science techniques to encourage mask-wearing. Each poster in the suite features an eye-catching design and a simple, easy to understand behavioural-led message. The posters are free of charge for retailers to print and use in their stores.

We tend to only notice something when it changes or challenges the norm, so four distinct, visually striking posters have been designed that retailers can alternate every week to create friction, catch the attention of shoppers and encourage mask-wearing. Each mask has been designed around a specific cognitive bias to increase the efficacy of the message. As a creative agency that specialises in applying behavioural science, we understand how impactful a behaviourally-led approach can be, so we applied these techniques to encourage mask-wearing. 

To download your posters, simply click on either of the colour options below.

Behavioural-led mask posters

Behavioural Mask Posters for retailers