Mental illness is a real issue in the construction industry, in fact two construction workers take their life every working day. Tragically, there’s support out there that workers can take advantage of, if only they knew where to look or if that information was in the format they needed.

The Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, construction software firm COiNS and Building Mental Health have joined together to tackle this issue. They recognised that part of the problem was the way in which potentially useful information is accessed. In the stereotypically male world of construction, it’s not usual to talk about your problems or your mental health which is a barrier to many of the forms help available.

To help with this, they’ve created and launched a free, 100% confidential app. The ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ app provides vital information, advice and guidance on many wellbeing topics including stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts.

This is a great example of understanding the behaviour at the heart of an issue, and then tailoring the response (in this case, the medium) to suit. Construction workers needed all this wellbeing information at their fingertips in a private and confidential way.

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By James Kay

Senior Account Director