As a major European city, Amsterdam is a great place to see many flagship and destination stores back to back. We were struck not only by the great examples of design we saw in some of the more unusual stores, but by how quickly stores embrace and adopt retail trends. Below are two of our team’s favourite examples.

Home Sweet Home
A look around many fashion boutiques and clothes shops a year ago would reveal a pretty stark and industrial place. Exposed, unfinished wood, brutal use of metal, elements of brass and dim lighting.

Whilst this gives an interesting context to interact with a brand and understand what makes them tick, it doesn’t necessarily translate into the most pleasant space to spend some time and to be persuaded to make a transaction.

This has been the catalyst for many brands softening their otherwise industrial designs. We saw the introduction of domestic furnishings in many stores – rugs, plants, blankets etc. Amsterdam brand Scotch and Soda have a set of side tables underneath some (interesting!) paintings. Many other stores had replaced their banquette seating with kitsch sofas next to pot plants.

The Curator
The art of curation, someone who selects and presents items for other people to consume and enjoy. A principle that was prominent in the shops visited by our team.  Walking into the store the shopper might be shocked to realise that they haven’t stepped into a museum or modern art gallery.

Carefully chosen individual pieces picked and on display in and amongst pieces of art or framed pictures  for the shopper to explore and navigate around. A stark move away from “pile them high, sell them cheap” and merchandising product per m2 of precious retail space

The curator featured across multiple sectors from home to fashion, a refreshing method of display in store and gave the stock a sense of prestige and importance. As if we were buying into a premium collection not offered by other retailers in the market.

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