Sharps Bedrooms' posts a strong start to its financial year

We’re pleased to be able to share some fantastic commercial results from our long-time client, Sharps. Whilst success like this comes from a concerted effort across the organisation, a change in advertising strategy to drive growth has been identified as one of the key drivers for the surge in sales.


Sales were up in the first quarter of Sharps 2019-20 financial year to £25.4 million in the three months to December 29, 2019.

That’s a 7.4%  increase on the same period in the previous year. All the more impressive when you consider the context of declining High Street footfall, low consumer confidence and reported struggles from brands in related categories.

What we did

Sharps’ 2019 advertising strategy to drive growth was built on their new TV campaign (see below). As part of our constant effort to review and refine Sharps’ marketing activity, we identified that we could make improvements to the existing TV creative. The new advertising campaign launched in December 2018 and was a key driver of customer acquisition throughout the year.

How we used behaviour

We built on everything we knew about the Sharps brand and how consumers buy furniture to develop the 2019 January Sale TV campaign. Using anchoring we showed the real enemy to Sharps beautiful fitted furniture: make-do freestanding fitted furniture that doesn’t give people the maximum storage space in their room. Sharps fitted furniture is then shown as the ideal solution to this problem.

We created a pair of TV adverts that show our characters finally resolving to do something about the poor storage their existing wardrobes give them. They excitedly move around their room, getting rid of their old furniture and building their perfect fitted furniture to fit the contours of their room.

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By James Kay

Senior Account Director