Over the past few months, The Behaviours Agency has been on a mission: to create a brand new proposition that helps shape the future of businesses.

We’ve gone through a full evaluation of our proposition speaking to clients past and present, looking at the competition, considering the future of communications, and reflecting on our purpose.

This journey revealed an exciting opportunity to shape what we do in a different way. A way that’s even more focussed on how influencing the thoughts, feelings and actions of shoppers can drive business, and make brands irreplaceable in shoppers’ hearts and baskets.

Or as we like to call it: Shaping shopper behaviour to drive business.

This single-minded focus on shopper behaviour has led to a number of changes in our business that we believe will help us to shape the future of other businesses too.

To live and breathe this new mission, not only have we got at whole new look, we’ve also developed:

  1.  New insight and tools to dig deeper into shoppers’ (buyers in the B2B world) complicated lives to uncover actionable opportunities for brands.
  1.  A new content service to influence the shopper across the entire buying journey.
  1.  New ways that we can delight you by focusing our efforts on what drives you and your business. In the coming months, we’ll roll out an NPS framework – to check we’re on track.
  1.  New wellbeing and CPD initiatives so you’ll have an energised and well-trained agency team.

Explore our shiny new website, where you can immerse yourself in our mission to shape shopper behaviour to drive business.

Or get in touch with us to see how this new mission can help drive business for you…