Brand transparency

Over 90% of consumers say brands that show transparency is an important factor in their purchase decisions.

But, what is transparency?

Brand transparency, according to AdRoll, is much more than a buzzword. These days, brands need to be clear and open in everything they do. 

The pandemic intensified a lack of trust in brands and has meant that consumers are more concerned about a variety of supply chain issues, from a product’s country of origin to the way it is stored, we are all demanding more information so we can truly understand what we are buying, wearing and consuming.

We’re seeing this across the board..

You’ll be happy to hear that this isn’t just the case in one industry though. The weight of transparency is affecting businesses across the board. While it has been proven in the fashion industry that the way clothing is produced makes a consumer more or less inclined to purchase, this is also the case elsewhere and it’s certainly a growing trend within the food and beverage industry. 

Consumers want to know where food comes from and are reading more product labels to understand ingredients. A recent study has found that the love for local movement has encouraged customers to purchase locally so that they can talk to the farmers, butchers and shop owners about how their food is grown or sourced, to make a smarter purchase decision (IRi).

However, it’s not so easy for everyone..

Unfortunately for delivery services, the lines are more blurred. Before next day delivery was a universal option, consumers didn’t know they needed it – but now they have it, it’s a tricky habit to break.

When you combine this need with environmentally friendly delivery, the options are more limited. Although brands offering this service aren’t as sustainable as consumers would like, remaining transparent with their practices and actively changing their processes definitely helps.

Whether it’s delivering to your local parcelshop instead of home, QR codes instead of returns labels or switching to cardboard packaging – it has to start somewhere.

Has this made you start to think about how you can keep it real with your customers? We’ve got three key steps to help increase your brand transparency, and your potential business too.


Be purposeful. There is great correlation between a brand with a strong purpose and a consumer’s likelihood of purchasing from them. In fact, the likelihood quadruples. The beliefs of a company are enough to persuade consumers to choose you over another at the point of purchase. This doesn’t mean you need the perfect brand, customers just need to know you’re trying to do the right thing and are heading in the right direction. We call this being top of mind.

Be human. You need to know what people care about and share information in a way that they can relate to. From social media posts to your new packaging, there are lots of ways to get information to your consumers – you just need to know what makes them tick. Analyse the market, study competitors, look at behaviours online, carry out some keyword research to find out what questions consumers are asking, so you can be the first to answer them (and the best!). This makes it easier for them to choose you.

Be creative. There are always opportunities to think outside of the box and improve practices.
How could you create a more lean supply chain? How could you repackage your products in a more sustainable way? Could you re-source a best seller more locally?
There are endless possibilities for improvement, no matter what the business. It’s time for companies to focus less on investing in customers and more on investing in innovative, transparent practices. Find your improved practice, then announce it to the world. Because, what’s more motivating than rewarding yourself with products from a transparent brand.

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By Meg Slip

Senior Account Executive