This short video takes our latest insight to inform houseware brands how they can better engage shoppers.

We asked more than a thousand home and leisure shoppers about how they prefer to shop and what influences them to buy.

The study captured how behaviour varies wildly by category, so our latest report reveals attitudes to buying housewares.

We’ve interpreted all of our insight to bring you tips and advice; helping marketers in this sector develop more engaging and impactful shopping experiences.

Here’s 7 ways houseware brands can inspire shoppers to act based on what we found:

  1. Feel at home – The preference to go in-store is a significant opportunity for retailers and brands to immerse the shopper in an enhanced shopping experience, where they can ‘live’ the products to make them feel at home. Make the shopping experience instore as authentic and homely as possible, particularly for women who imagine products in their own home.
  1. Women rule – Men and women appear to have very different priorities. Women enjoy the shopping experience significantly more than men. Men like to get what they want quickly, it’s unrealistic to expect them to linger, so tailor your instore experience towards women and make it easy for men to make a swift purchase.
  1. Seeing is believing – Houseware shoppers need to see and touch products (it’s the number one ‘force’ that influences what and where they buy), so let them get closer by reducing packaging and have more samples
  1. Nurture millennials – They are starting out on their journey to ‘make’ their homes, so they especially prefer to go in-store for help and to touch the products. This gives stores a huge opportunity to gain their trust and spark their imagination. Help millennials to make the right decision and they will turn into your advocates.
  1. Tell a great story – Shoppers may not want ‘education’ as with technical products, but they do want more of a story. There is an opportunity here to add value and avoid commoditisation. You are looking to stir emotion, so look at ways you can share your benefits, history, reviews or even romanticise your offer.
  1. Upsell – Trade up houseware shoppers from just getting the essentials to items that will delight for their quality, added functionality, style or uniqueness. They are willing to pay for it.
  1. Eye for design – Help those shoppers with less of an eye for design by bundling complementary products, helping them envisage how the products work in the home.

You can download a free copy of Shopping Uncovered: Housewares now