Beauty Trends

#1 Beauty from within

Infusing food and drinks with ingredients that offer beauty benefits is becoming one of the biggest beauty trends. This trend has grown steadily over recent years and has particularly grown in Asia where nutricosmetics are now commonplace. It is now increasingly throughout Europe. In fact, Transparency Market Research reported that by 2020 nutricosmetics will have grown an astounding 11.5% globally to £4.8billion.


#2 Gender neutrality

Consumers are moving away from traditional gender stereotypes, in part driven by the increased visibility of gender diversity. As such, the traditional gender boundaries associated with fashion and beauty trends are becoming progressively blurred.


Mintel Beauty Trends 2017 reported that young men are the most likely to agree that they value the advice of beauty bloggers more than store staff (47% of male 16-24s). This means that retailers could benefit from diversifying their brand collaborators to capitalise on the rising male beauty trend, the promotion of gender diversity and the influence of social media celebrities.


#3 Express economy

With the increasing demands on busy lives and the desire to look our best, there has been an explosion in recent years of express beauty outlets. Blow-dry bars, nail bars and brow bars are becoming commonplace on every corner, offering various beauty treatments and finishes in a variety of minutes.


#4 Knowledge economy

The rise of the digital age is really driving this trend with knowledge-thirsty consumers eager to learn more about self-application within makeup and new hair techniques. How-to videos and guides are now part and parcel of this industry and brands that are winning are not just applying but also teaching.


#5 Blog-fluential

Vloggers are creating an industry for themselves within hair and makeup. According to a recent report from Blow Limited, there are some extremely powerful vloggers out there.

Today’s consumer often relates more to beauty influencers than traditional celebrities. Many influencers started their YouTube videos from their own bedrooms – something audiences feel that they can relate to.


#6 Organic evolution

The organic beauty sector has traditionally thrived on the safe ingredients ticket; certified products must meet strict standards for formulation and manufacture in order to use the much-revered marque of a certifier, but things are evolving. We’re now seeing the kind of growth the market enjoyed pre-recession.


#7 Rise of specialism

The UK in general has seen a rise in specialist beauty stores replacing newsagents.
With this trend we’re seeing an increase 
in focus on consumer experience.


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Beauty Trends

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Gemma Sheridan, Planning Director, The Behaviours Agency