This short video gives five top tips to help high street retailers fight back against their online rivals.

With the shift to online shopping you could be forgiven for assuming the future of the high street is bleak. But among the victims are the victors who have risen like a phoenix from the ashes, reinventing their shopping experience to deliver renewed success and reward.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of home and leisure to unravel how shoppers behave and their attitudes to bricks and mortar stores; why they value them and why they think they’re destined to disappear.

The insights of more than 1,000 shoppers are revealed in our latest report Online Vs Instore: Shopping Uncovered, which will help marketers make more informed decisions about how they shape their high street stores to better engage the shoppers of tomorrow.

Based on our findings, here are five ways bricks and mortar stores can fight back pressure from online retailers:

  1. To entice shoppers in-store retailers must give an added-value reason to step away
from their screens – think educational or fun events, special guests and VIP shopping evenings.
  1. Dare to think differently, so can you combine a community feel with your core proposition. Could you use the latest technology to engage or give shoppers
a more personal or exciting experience. Look outside your category for inspiration.
  1. Staff play an important role as their expert knowledge and guidance can help reassure and guide unsure shoppers. Make sure your people are educated on products and your brand values to give customers a superior and
consistent experience.
  1. Price-matching in-store can help draw price-conscious shoppers and help put a stop to showrooming.
  1. Successful retailers, particularly those with smaller outlets, have found clever ways to share the extent of their ranges in-store. Digital hubs enable people to browse the wider range and virtual reality experiences are great ways to bring your full proposition to life beyond the realms of your four walls.

You can download a free copy of Online Vs Instore today