5 brands that rock distinctive brand assets.

A brand asset can be anything from your logo, to a shape, tone of voice, colour, sound, imagery style… the list goes on. But the important thing is that these assets are used consistently and in a considered way to keep the brand top of mind in the consumer’s lives.

We’ve taken our Creative Xray to 5 brands to investigate the distinctive brand assets that they are rocking across communications.

It has to be the Heinz brand

An icon in the food branding category, decades of exposure to its distinctive label shape has cemented the brand in consumers’ minds. As well as this, the strapline “It has to be…” is automatically finished off by the brain with the word  “Heinz”.

Heinz. Top of mind.

It's unmistakably the Oatly brand

By far their most distinctive asset (and what they have been most publicised for) is their tone of voice. But this is heavily supported by their distinctive and bold typographic style. This is used consistently across everything they do from advertising to packaging. In any given situation, whether you’re shopping in the category of milk alternatives or not, Oatly is a top of mind brand.

OATLY. Top of mind.

It’s how the Deliveroo brand is delivered

The most distinctive elements of the Deliveroo have to be the strong teal blue colour and the graphic shape of the Kangaroo head logo. With just these two elements the brand is consistently recognisable across everything from rider uniforms to takeaway bags, stickers and marketing.

Deliveroo. Top of mind.

It's the wonderful IKEA brand

IKEA has built a broad spectrum of distinctive brand assets. Beyond their iconic blue and yellow logo, their distinctiveness is embedded in everything from the voiceover of their TV ads to the simplicity of their imagery, the storytelling around their products and their famous instruction characters. All of these put IKEA top of mind of consumers.

IKEA. Top of mind.

It can only be the Aggregate Industries brand

In the construction industry brands can be lacklustre and merge into each other. The Aggregate Industries brand was built with distinctive assets that enable it to stand out.

Lead by the ‘progress arrow’, a device derived from the logo, the brand has a consistent point of view across all communications. Supported by a vibrant colour palette, the brand also benefits from having more personality and engagement than its competitors.

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Phil Monks - Deputy Creative Director at The Behaviours Agency

By Phil Monks

Deputy Creative Director