As part of our no-brainer brand series, we’re digging into why brands absolutely need to wear this crown. 

For those of you scratching your head at the phrase ‘no-brainer brand’, it means that a customer will choose to purchase your product without even thinking about it. A no-brainer status is pretty much the holy grail of branding and what we’re all about building at The Behaviours Agency.

The benefits of reaching this elite tier are extensive:

  1. Mental availability. This is when your brand comes to front of mind in buying situations. For this to happen, buyers must be exposed to your brand and then form memory structures, this happens through distinctive brand assets. When they come to buy they’ll retrieve your brand name from their memory banks. 
  2. Improved loyalty. By being at the forefront of consumer’s unconscious decision making, you’ll naturally benefit from improved loyalty as those purchasing are able to better recall and recognise your brand. Familiarity bias plays an important role here as we tend to choose options that are familiar to us. 
  3. Brand trust. Subconsciously, the behavioural cues that have turned you into a no-brainer brand in the mind of consumers leads to a real emotional connection, which naturally leads into trust. Your customers trust that your product/service will deliver what is promised. 
  4. Recommendations. Consumers are likely to vocalise satisfaction to others, suddenly an army of ambassadors are ready to shout about your brand to whoever will listen. Another win as you benefit from social proof. We have a tendency to put our faith in other people’s recommendations. It’s particularly effective for reviews and testimonials and nods towards an early form of influencer marketing. 
  5. Price sensitivity. Now let’s imagine that the market changes, and as a result your prices go up. Will loyal customers twist or stick? For the reasons above – our money is on the latter. Sensitivity to changing prices is mitigated as people think “I need this, no matter how much it costs.” 

Yes, there’s a wealth of benefit to being a no-brainer brand. But you still need to get there. That’s the tricky bit. It takes heaps of careful planning, research and strategy, luckily that’s where we can help. 

Have a look at what we’ve already done for our clients.


When Palio, a branch of Karndean DesignFlooring, approached us in need of raising awareness among the trade for Palio Trade (flooring the trade can fit).

We had a think in our meeting room, in fact we did a lot of thinking.  We needed to come up with something that spoke to tradespeople and create mental availability, while reiterating the luxury aspect of the floor. 

We came up with Palio, a telepathic horse that gives trade people the confidence to fit floors. Sounds bizarre, but it worked! We managed to bring Palio’s brand character to life and create distinctive brand assets which helps tradies remember the brand. Read more here. 

Ready to take the first step in your journey? Take our no-brainer brand quiz, to find out where you rank on the scale and get advice about where to go next!

Palio Trade campaign - press ad