The problem

How do you understand the future shopper of sport so you can convert footfall in a gym to retail sales of sportswear?

The behavioural solution

A comprehensive behavioural analysis plugged into a strategic sprint workshop to generate innovative retail ideas.

To solve this unique problem we married together two pioneering approaches: our BE.CREATE Behavioural Opportunities Model and sprint workshops.

We used a blend of contextual, questioning and observational research techniques to build a complete picture of how consumers see, think, feel and behave when they’re visiting the gym. This included behavioural qualitative research, video diaries, behavioural mapping and semiotic research to build a 360 understanding.

This research directly inputted to a strategic sprint, where we bring the core team together in an intense and time-bound environment to generate big strategic ideas and smaller initiatives to improve retail sales of Nike products in DWFF gyms.

"inspiring, educating and building an emotional connection"

Creativity informed by behavioural science

The successful ideas from the strategic sprint were then developed by our creative team, bringing the ideas to life to show the most impactful way to execute and to help the client gain internal buy in.


The strategic sprint produced 5 customer territories that paint a detailed picture of 5 customer types that give insight on how our audience behaves now and in the future. These key strategic documents can form a central role in marketing and comms planning for years to come.

Additionally, over 100 insight-based innovative initiatives were created, some of which have already been launched such as the ‘Kit & Collect’ sportswear delivery and return lockers.

Over 100 insight-based innovative initiatives