Engineering an effective new brand concept for Prestone


Prestone is a brand of car care giant Holt Lloyd International. They wanted to evolve the Prestone brand logo, strapline and campaign concept to dramatise its high performance, and differentiate it from lower specification competitors in the automotive sector.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

We shaped the brand concept around Prestone’s engineered technology. All products are tested to extremes in the lab, so it’s guaranteed to perform well in real-life scenarios. The new brand concept aimed to showcase this to shoppers.

Their state of the art research and development facility in Danbury, Connecticut continues to ensure that Prestone remains at the cutting edge of automotive technology – which is why the brand promise is ‘Pioneers in the extreme’. We evolved the brand’s consumer strapline to become ‘Excels in Extremes’, making it more motivating and directly beneficial to shoppers.

The brand campaign strengthens the message and leverages their iconic coolant/antifreeze bottle shape to show the juxtaposition between the extreme testing and real world use.

The new brand concept rolled out across brand guidelines, packaging design, press advertising and POS.

Driving Success

Greater shelf standout from high-performance cues.

With sales and brand recognition have both grown by double-digit figures.

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