Or more likely WTF have I done again.

One of the amazing things I’ve learnt about myself this year is that I’m a connector. I absolutely love it. I’ve connected all sorts of people..

… the people I mentor to find new collaborations and experiences

… my daughters friends to work out if they actually want to be a quantity surveyor or digital marketer

… my clients with new agency partners 

… my peers through The FOLD network of agency owners and leaders we’ve created 

… the IPA to the MPA and to Bloom north and back

It’s been utterly liberating and completely fulfilling to help people learn, share, collaborate and ultimately thrive. Which is exactly where WTF comes in.

WTF, also known as Women Thrive First, is our new community and dinner club we’re launching for female leaders and future leaders in marketing.

Earlier this year it really struck me how unconnected we are in Manchester and the North. Somehow there just aren’t the powerful networks for women in marketing that there are in other cities around the globe. And with my new found “connector’ superpower, equally new found ‘why don’t I just get on and do it’ attitude and focus on our B Corp community pillar, WTF was born. 

It’s a chance for experienced agency women to meet, share war stories, help solve challenges and meet likeminded women. Having conversations with fellow female client leaders in the industry who just “get it”. Coming together to share our WTF moments, career experiences, challenges or just to chat about the life of women in our industry.

You can join the growing community here.

I imagine this feels odd and a little suspicious from an agency business owner but this desire for greater connectivity is something we should all strive for so, if Dorina, my business partner & I can do something to bring marketing women together then bring it on.


PS: The next dinner is the 28th September.