Awakening an emotional connection to the Sharps brand.


To create new demand for Sharps Bedrooms by introducing a more emotional brand led approach to their communication strategy.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

Behavioral insight: the benefits of feeling beautifully organized.

For over 2 years our innovative ‘transformation’ TV campaign has been very successful, showcasing how Sharps wardrobes fit perfectly into any room, maximising every millimetre of space. With the campaign successfully embedded into people’s minds, we looked into finding a direction that would make Sharps Bedrooms  stand out even more! Talking to Sharps  customers, clever storage is undoubtedly their top priority. Sharps communicates this functional benefit extremely well, however so does the rest of the marketplace. To standout, this year we’re focusing on the emotional benefit of clever storage – ‘feeling organised’.

And so we arrived at our new creative messaging – Sharps helps you feel Beautifully Organised

When it came to creating our new TV advert, we put numerous ideas into research which all told the story of feeling Beautifully Organised. The favourite being idea was called ‘Wake Up Beautifully Organised’, because it ignited a strong emotional connection with people.

Our new TV advert is the story of a couple who, thanks to their Sharps wardrobe, live a beautifully organised life. From the moment they wake up in the morning all their belongings are so beautifully organised in their Sharps wardrobe they can get ready for the day quickly and effortlessly. It’s all set to the upbeat rocky track, Take On The World by The Phantoms.

Driving Success

Tim Moore, Marketing Director at Sharps said:

“After two years of a very successful TV campaign, there was a need to step back and take a wider view of the market, competitor activity and the opportunities for differentiation. The Behaviours Agency has come up with a very different approach to anything we’ve done before. It’s been tested and well received and we’re really excited to get it on air.”

The 30-second ad launched during Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off slot on Tuesday 3rd October.

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