The Rubik Collective came to us to create a brand that better represented them as an evolving group of DJs.

Every brand we create is a living and breathing entity, and Rubik’s brand needed to feel like it could be partying with the rest of their crowd.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

Rubik’s background in DJing at house parties informed the area of focus for our TM.BE Behavioural Opportunities Model. The opportunity lay in creating a brand based on the natural connection between music, parties and Herd behaviour. From the regularly invited guests to the extended invites to friends of friends of friends, the The Rubik Collective’s crowd is fast growing.

To constantly keep in touch with their crowd the brand needed to be durable to fit on everything from merchandise, videos, social channels and marketing – any means the group might use to get their brand out there.

The brand itself is inspired by the group’s innate desire and drive to produce great music and constantly evolve any project they’re working on. We celebrated their roots as house party DJs by using the shape of a house, while the rectangular shapes and box that holds the logo brings the nature of Rubik into play.

Driving Success

The branding was rolled out over the collective’s social channels in October 2018. The group have since used the branding on their videos, including a 3D model of the logo.

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