Building the Palio brand by making it more top of mind

How do you raise awareness and attract a wider variety of tradespeople to install Palio's luxury vinyl flooring?

Use distinctive brand heuristics and build an emotional connection

Our campaign was designed to create preference for Palio by building mental availability for the brand. We do this by making a hero of Palio the horse; a memorable feature of the campaign that also directly represents the brand’s identity.

We linked Palio the horse with the tradesperson’s confidence by depicting a psychic relationship between them both, which is delivered with humour and charm. In doing so, we built an emotional connection between Palio and the audience, designed to enhance memorability and recall.

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Palio Trade by Karndean - Creative X-ray

Client testimonial

“We wanted a campaign that wasn’t typical of the trade, but also one that didn’t fall into the usual trap of ‘lad’ humour. The subtlety and vulnerability of the tradesman is something we feel has real cut-through. This idea has released Palio from simply being part of the logo to the embodiment of the brand”.

Gavin Smith, Marketing Director