We were challenged by the team at Karndean Designflooring to raise awareness and attract a wider variety of tradespeople to install Palio Trade flooring by giving them confidence in the product and its ease of fit.


First we got a handle on the audience and what makes them tick. Then we worked out what the main barrier was for them to feel like they could fit flooring for themselves (instead of leaving it to other specialists). Finally, our creative team developed a number of ideas that were designed to make the brand memorable and  believable as a string to add to their bow. We hoped to be able to do this using humour - which we think we managed to achieve!

What we found

Tradespeople are a relatively straightforward bunch, and they are creatures of habit. They are used to quoting for complete extensions, renovations or home improvement projects. The trouble is they see flooring as a loose end they have to pass on to another trade. So they avoid it, fearing anything going wrong and costing them time, money and their reputation. But by not offering a flooring solution to customers they are leaving money on the table or missing out on jobs altogether; all of which means their margin takes a hit. We wanted our campaign to help them overcome this fear so they achieve total confidence and revel in the beauty of the results.

Palio Trade campaign - press ad

What we made

With the main objective being to raise awareness, and knowing we had a potentially skeptical audience to convince our campaign has is built around the humour, and memorability, of the brand’s foremost heuristic (which are distinctive, memorable brand assets): Palio the horse. Palio is the trusted confidante to the uncertain and reluctant tradesmen, reassuring him that he can fit flooring to complete the project he’s working on. We knew we had to speak directly to the trade for the campaign to really hit home. We had to give tradespeople the confidence to fit the flooring they usually shy away from, while also showing the hands-on quality and finish of the product itself. But the great thing is that Palio’s telepathic relationship with the tradesman has a hint of humour that makes the brand unforgettable.

The Result

“We wanted a campaign that wasn’t typical of the trade, but also one that didn’t fall into the usual trap of ‘lad’ humour. The subtlety and vulnerability of the tradesman is something we feel has real cut-through. This idea has released Palio from simply being part of the logo to the embodiment of the brand”.

Gavin Smith, Marketing Director