New brand and packaging design revitalises healthy milk product


PZ Cussons asked us to create a new brand identity for their evaporated milk and powered milk product, Olympic.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

PZ Cussons has a number of nutrition brands including Coast, Nunu and Olympic in emerging markets such as Nigeria. The Olympic range includes evaporated milk and powered milk aimed at adults looking for a healthy and tasty product to keep them ‘fit for life’.

The existing brand identity and packaging used an Olympic torch and did not visually convey the health benefits of the product. Our challenge was to create a new look for the brand and packaging design that captured the vitality that healthy milk can provide.

We solved the challenge by putting a ‘vitality figure’ at the centre of the brand visual, which symbolises a healthy vigour and zest for life. By incorporating a dynamic milk pour and splash we put the category of products front of mind for the shopper. A vibrant colour combination also ensures distinction from competitor brands.

Finally, we created a Nutriactive device to hold health benefit claims, reassuring shoppers that Olympic will help with lifelong health.

Driving Success

The new look packaging launched in October 2014 as part of a broader brand relaunch and has seen success in improved sales and increased retail support.

The brand has also extended its product range into the ‘ready to drink’ category.

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