Making a mark on British Ceramic Tile's brand

British Ceramic Tile are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of tiles, yet brand awareness for them and competitors is low. Recognising the role a strong brand would play in generating business growth they came to us to make it happen.

We split the brand creation project into two clear tasks, first creating a compelling brand proposition and then executing this creatively with powerful brand devices.

Our approach to generating the proposition was to conduct in depth research with employees, suppliers, installers and consumers to identify truths about the brand and the category and to uncover insights we could leverage.

Crafted and honed by this process was the new brand proposition:

“We obsessively focus on every little detail, giving you the confidence to do amazing things with tiles.”

The second task was to bring this proposition to life creatively, considering every aspect of how the brand should look, what it should look like and how it should speak.

We finessed the brand logo to show an obsessive attention to detail, and introduced a new colour palette derived from real tile glazes. Central to the palette is the new brand colour, selected to be identifiable but useable. We also designed 6 brand marks – hexagonal stamps to be used wherever BCT were proving their innovation, expertise, design, quality, collaboration or heritage credentials.

Careful consideration was also given to brand photography, both in terms of style and content. Finally, we created a unique tone of voice that could be used to proudly tell customers about this attention to detail and desire to produce amazing products as well as genuinely wanting to listen and understand their needs and desires.