Handing the power back to retailer for Auto Trader

The problem

How do you change what retailers think of Auto Trader (AT), to make them more receptive to the brand and their new products and services?

Our behavioural solution

Reinforce the status quo, by reframing Auto Trader from necessary evil to trusted partner.

Most retailers are primarily concerned about sales and profit; they don’t care about data driven insights. Some dislike Auto Trader’s domination and feel at a disadvantage because the business appears to favour buyers. 

But the irony is retailers don’t tend to make the most of Auto Trader’s data, tools and expertise. The evidence shows that if you use the data and tools well, you can sell more vehicles quicker and be more successful.

Creativity informed by behavioural science

We quickly recognised that we needed to put the retailer back in charge of proceedings. They needed to feel empowered by the benefits of their relationship with AT. 

So we developed a proposition around handing the power back to retailer for Auto Trader, allowing them to make better decisions and do better business.

The creative idea – More power to you – was visualised in the form of an equation, where multiple benefits of working with AT could be expressed using a + symbol, which, along with the = symbol were a derivative of the AT logo.

Power is a significant word, because not only is it what the retailer feels with Auto Trader backing them, but it implies being ‘powered’ by all the tools, data and reach as well. 

The More Power to you campaign was implemented across a variety of touch-points including the website, social media and print. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Auto Trader had to re-think its retailer marketing activity, just as the campaign was about to launch. At the time of writing, the campaign remains ready to be revealed.

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