Client: GreenThumb

The Problem

How do you evolve the market-leader from a functional service provider to a brand that connects meaningfully with its audience?

The behavioural solution

Position GreenThumb as the brand that can satisfy the audience's desire for the perfect lawn.

GreenThumb and its customers had one thing in common - the shared love of lawn perfection.

We recognised that GreenThumb could leverage this to connect meaningfully with its audience in a way that would motivate them to want to upgrade their lawn alongside GreenThumb – as a partnership.

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Creativity informed by behavioural science

People love their garden, just like any other room in their house, and this emotional desire for having the perfect lawn is evidence of one of the fundamental aspects of human behaviour, which is to seek status and fulfilment. Once we’d identified the opportunity to occupy a more emotionally resonant and therefore motivating space, we were able to hone in on what matters most to the customers. Which was how much they loved their lawn. Likewise, GreenThumb’s 35 years of experience in developing market-leading treatments for improving grass thickness, quality and colour was evidence of a similar adoration of lawns. Allied to which, GreenThumb new that to achieve the perfect lean required a partnership between GreenThumb’s local lawn specialists and the customer. This culminated in a new brand proposition: ‘together, we will give your lawn the love and attention it deserves’, which was beautifully summarised with the simple expression: Lawn Lovers. Creatively, this proposition allowed us to bring more human and emotional touches to marketing activity. This included photography of people enjoying their lawn, giving GreenThumb’s lawn specialists a more prominent role in communicating the technical specifics of the treatments, and developing a colourful suite of assets to act as new heuristics for the brand.


GreenThumb launched its new branding online and in marketing literature in Autumn 2020.