Driving Silentnight as an environmentally conscious brand

The problem

How do you use your brand to launch a new range of products?


Stand for something significant so that you appeal to those who share what you believe in. 

The public pledge bias says that we’re more likely to commit to doing something if we’ve stated publicly that we’re going to do it.  Silentnight’s commitment to the war on plastic is a great example of a brand purpose that is bigger than a statement on their website or a mere charitable donation. 

Likewise, consumers are much more inclined to buy from brands who share the same values as them. So based on this, we launched Silentnight’s Eco Comfort mattress with a campaign that showcased this notable commitment to the environment.


The campaign aimed to inspire people with the feeling of sleeping in a bed that’s not only extremely comfortable, but good for the environment. So, we took the beds outside and photographed them on a beach, a nod to the support for the ongoing war on plastic and Silentnight’s new association with the Marine Conservation Society. 

The campaign was wrapped up with the line “A great night’s sleep shouldn’t cost the earth”. This encapsulates Silentnight’s Eco credentials while also dispelling any barriers of having to pay a higher price tag for the new range.


The campaign was launched in September 2018. It gained traction with PR immediately, especially with the partnership with the marine trust. The Eco Comfort range quickly became one of Silentnight’s most successful products ranges.