Driving Silentnight as an environmentally conscious brand


The purchase decision of a new bed is influenced by lots of different factors: price, comfort, recommendations to name a few. So when Silentnight came to us to launch their new Eco Comfort mattress, we used our TM.BE Behavioural Opportunities Model to truly identify the best opportunity for influencing the behaviour of bed buyers.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

Due to the unique benefits of Silentnight’s Eco Comfort mattress the opportunity to engage with people lay in using the the Commitment, the Public Pledge bias. Our campaign focused on Silentnight declaring publicly that they care for the environment. The creative was underpinned by pledges from Silentnight: “150 recycled plastic bottles make our eco comfort fibres, which are in every Eco Comfort Mattress, Keeping 105 million plastic bottles out of the ocean”.

By letting consumers know the extent of the environmental benefits that the Eco Comfort mattress can make, we also tapped into the Social Incentive bias, where consumers are drawn towards a product because of how it makes them look to their peers. The campaign exaggerates the refreshing and calm night’s sleep the Eco Comfort range offers; knowing you’ve contributed to saving the environment and more specifically, keeping plastic from entering the ocean.

Tackling such a serious issue, it was important for Silentnight to bring some expertise to the campaign, which is the Authority bias. By partnering with the Marine Conservation Society, who are the UK’s leading marine environment, not-for-profit organisation, consumers are more likely to sit up and listen to Silentnight’s environmental claims.

Driving Success

The campaign was launched in September 2018.

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