Brand strategy driven by simplicity for simply paving

The problem

How do you drive growth for an established online brand?


Make a virtue of the brand’s fundamental truth – simplicity 

We discovered that because consumers buy paving infrequently, there was a lot of confusion around what and how much to buy, and how to install it. Basically, the process of choosing and buying paving needed simplifying. 

Online paving buyers are looking for a brand that will make it easy for them. Likewise the trade are totally dependent on their supplier giving them a simple, dependable service. For both audiences, this means being flexible, reliable and willing to solve problems to ensure projects can be completed efficiently and successfully.

This identified that the term ‘simplicity’ resonated with the audience’s needs as well as a desire for authority. Using the authority bias, we leveraged the trust and recommendations of the Simply Paving experts. These shortcuts are integral to making the whole experience easier.

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It was important to create a proposition that emphasised the straightforward process and expert knowledge of the team, which is how we landed on the ‘simplifiers of paving’.

The Simply Paving team, with their new roles as the ‘Simplifiers’ were given prominence on the website, featuring within the About Us page that celebrates their role and what they simplify for the customer.

When it came to the branding, we evolved the current logo by introducing a new bolder palette of colours that would differentiate Simply Paving from the competition. The orange was the right mix of simplicity and value, with accompanying ‘earthy’ colours to reference sub-base and paving


Following the launch of the new website, Simply Paving is going from strength to strength.