Making Bradstone the one place for inspirational outdoor spaces


To generate consumer led demand for the Bradstone brand and simultaneously cement (pardon the pun) its trade installer credentials.

Shaping Buyer Behaviour

When considering how to influence the behaviour of those looking to upgrade their garden or driveway, we learnt that emotion played a significant role in the decision making process.

So when Bradstone asked us to develop their 2018 campaign, we decided to understand the Bradstone brand better first, to identify where the emotional levers were that we could go on to influence in the brochure and other communications.

Using TM.BRAND we developed a new brand strategy that positions Bradstone as experts in transforming outdoor spaces from driveways to patios and landscaping, and is captured in a new strapline, ‘You’ve got it in Bradstone’.

From a communication perspective, the key is ‘transformation’, and by focusing on the temptation behavioural bias we’ve developed a visual style that focuses heavily on stunning imagery of beautiful aspirational gardens being enjoyed by families and couples. We don’t focus on the technical features of the stone, highlight new products or finishes, so we tempt people to dream of those warm summer days, when you spend hours outdoors and don’t want to come inside.

This is all brought to life in the new garden paving and driveway brochure where we also used the priming behavioural bias to position Bradstone as the only place you need to go to upgrade your garden or driveway. We did this by including trends and inspiration as well as tips and advice on how to make the most of your outdoor space.

Product information is then split into manageable sections based on product material. Using a process known as chunking – we ensured shoppers stay motivated to browse the various products for longer because the sections are clearly defined and manageable.

Using our TM.ACT customer journey and communication planning model we created an integrated campaign, including press and digital advertising, social media, email, content, and promotional materials as well as new packaging, events and merchandise for Bradstone stockists, such as builders’ merchants, garden centres and DIY stores.

Driving Success

The official launch of the new Brochure took place in Spring 2018, with an above and below the line campaign.

A soft-launch to garden and driveway installers in January 2018 saw an extremely positive response, and the new photography was singled out for special praise for its premium, aspirational feel.

Digital results:

Ideal Home website takeover – CTR of 0.76% (double the average for a takeover on Ideal Home’s site)

Ideal Home online advertorial – surpassed the guaranteed views by 7.62% and counting

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