Making Bradstone the one place for inspirational outdoor spaces

The problem

How do you generate consumer-led demand for Bradstone paving (while simultaneously strengthening its trade installer credentials)?


Prey on the emotional pull of obtaining your dream garden.

In order to influence the behaviour of those looking to upgrade their garden or driveway, we recognised that emotion plays a significant role in the decision making process. The garden is essentially like any other room in the house – its appearance is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. 

Using a thorough process of discovery that involved speaking to customers and installers as well as visiting merchants and DIY stores, we learned that we needed to promise the customer the  more emotional outcome of the garden they’ve always dreamed of, while also leveraging the experience and quality of Bradstone’s offering.

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The new positioning culminated in the line You’ve got it in BradstONE, which is used as the campaign headline. It places greater emphasis on the brand name and we felt the use of the ONE from Bradstone was a really interesting brand heuristic to explore and potentially own. 

Connecting to the emotional drivers, the entire brand campaign communication focused on transformation and the associated emotional benefits rather than on the technical features of the products.

We achieved this by including trends and inspiration as well as tips and advice on how to make the most of your outdoor space. Tempting people with stunning imagery of aspirational gardens being enjoyed by families and friends enjoying warm summer days, and spending hours entertaining outdoors.


The ‘Ideal Home’ website takeover resulted a CTR of 0.76% (double the average for a takeover on Ideal Home’s site)

The online advertorial on Ideal Home’s site surpassed the guaranteed views benchmark by 7.62%.