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The problem...

Sharps is the market-leading brand for bespoke fitted wardrobes. Following our creation of their new brand positioning and TV campaign – ‘Created with you’ – we were given the further task of redesigning their flagship showroom in Baker Street.

The brief was to take the principles of the new brand and create a more welcoming store environment to enhance a customer’s experience, whilst always promoting the business goal of increasing design appointments and conversion to sale. 

Ahead of any specific creative development, it was critical that the strategic approach was built on real retail insights.

How we solved it...

The proposition was brought to life through a  retail and communications strategy, which manifested itself in a new retail concept flagship store on Baker Street.

The Market Creative’s Retail Safari is a tried and tested way of observing best practice and seeking inspiration from a variety of retail sources. It involves the client and agency team experiencing a range of retail environments to observe trends and innovations through the eyes of the shopper.

First-hand observations and experiences cannot be undervalued. But part of the power of the Retail Safari comes through the analysis of the findings and how they can be interpreted in the context of the brand.

To do this job, we use BE.SHOP™, our retail communication tool, which reviews and defines what is needed to inspire a shopper to act. The areas considered are Personality, Education, Product Engagement, Social Engagement, Navigation and Promotion. 

Using our knowledge of the retail landscape, we created a tour of central London covering direct competitors including Hulsta, Sliderobes & Hammonds; the broader category, including IKEA, John Lewis & CP Hart; and out of category including: Nike Town, Audi City, Argos, Boxpark & House of Hackney

Following the safari, we held a full day’s innovation workshop to collate the insights using the SHOP™ tool to describe the key retail trends and best practice that we observed.

Then using BE.SHOP™ once more, we took these insights and combined them with our brand knowledge to take the “Created with you” principles and bring them to life in-store. The final output was a new version of SHOP™ for Sharps defined the store concept and creative development.

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The new store concept launched in December 2015. By comparing January 2015 figures to January 2016 this has resulted in a 30% increase in both design appointments and sales conversions.