Making sustainable concrete the first decision

Client: Aggregate Industries

The Problem

How do you make communications launching a new Eco-friendly range of concretes stand out from all the other comms about concrete?

The behavioural solution

Research into the concrete specification and buying process revealed that specifiers are very risk averse, and tend to use the same repertoire of products that they’re familiar with. Whilst there are lots of communications telling customers about new concrete products and value added options, it’s difficult to get specifiers to consider them at the beginning of the process rather than when they’re confirming the details. For the launch of ECOPact, an eco friendly range of concretes, we used brand heuristics to make our communications really stand out and to increase mental availability - how easily a brand or product comes to mind to the audience when they’re considering what to buy.

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Creativity informed by behavioural science

We developed a distinct style for ECOPact communications that all used the same brand heuristics to build recognition and cut-through. These were developed from the Aggregate Industries masterbrand brand assets to build on the existing Aggregate Industries brand equity.

Starting with the Aggregate Industries triangle graphic device, we built a distinct visual theme for ECOPact. Triangles hint at movement and progress so are a dynamic shape to build from. For imagery, we focussed on the end-user of the built environment, when other comms focus on the process of construction, showing the concrete being poured or the project taking shape. The copy tells the customer ‘Sustainable Construction Starts Here’, as we want to reposition the choice of concrete as one of the first considerations in specifying, not the last.


ECOPact is now live, part of a LafargeHolcim launch. Early signs are promising.


ECOPact is now live, part of a LafargeHolcim launch. Early signs are promising.