‘It could be Rotterdam or anywhere’. For me, it was Rotterdam (and Amsterdam and Utrecht).

These are the canal-based Dutch cities I pushed a toddler around, worried that they would fall in if they walked on their own, thanks to the company I work for… But this is out of context. It was my son after all. And it was my choice to go to these places. In fact, it was a brilliant family trip paid for through The Behaviours Agency Employee of the Year scheme.

The scheme works like this; every month the whole agency votes for their employee of the month based on their performance and how they have lived the agency values. The monthly winner gets a gift as a thank you. At the end of the year, all the votes are totted up and whoever has the most votes wins the EOTY award.
With only one rule for how you spend your prize money – it has to contribute to your well-being.
The scheme is a more than perfect exemplar of the agency’s mission; to be the happiest little agency in the world.

After getting past some pretty serious choice overload I chose to visit a few different cities in the Netherlands because as a young family, it ticked so many boxes. There are plenty of parks and places to play, amazing museums, a short flight, easy travel, great places to stay and more than enough coffee shops for a sneaky pastry and hot drink if a nap was bestowed upon us.

The EOTY scheme meant we booked hotels and restaurants we wouldn’t normally, and pushed us to maximise what we got out of the trip. So thank you to Sue and Dorina for creating an incentive that is both motivating and rewarding as well as promoting staff well-being. And also a big thank you to the rest of the team.

Senior Art Director

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