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Building distinctive brand assets

Distinctive brand assets are everything from verbal, visual or auditory elements that shortcut people to think about your brand. Some brands leverage all of these, while others consciously choose a selection and use them consistently.

We start every brand project by looking at the potential of all heuristics to ensure the brands we create are built on the strongest foundation.

Visual assets

The brandmark (logo) is only one part of a brand’s visual story. There are many visual components that make a brand powerful. These can be everything from colour palettes, graphics, typography, a character, a device or a celebrity.

Logo Design

We design brand logos that incorporate unique symbols, fonts and features that make them standout from competitors.

Graphic & visual style

We develop a full graphic library for brands and define a visual style. This includes, typography, graphic shapes, colour palettes, iconography, illustration and photography.

Brand Character

We explore the potential of characterising brands to boost its personality and voice. This could be fictional, animated or real.


We recognise the opportunity to engage through well-known figures in the public eye.

Verbal assets

Words are powerful. From naming a brand to creating a distinctive tone of voice. The importance of brands finding their voice can be the difference between being heard and being loved.


A strong brand name can speak volumes. We devise names that connect with people in anything from an abstract, emotional, functional or descriptive way.

Brand TOV

We give brands a voice that starts conversations. We ensure that it’s a voice that speaks to people and invites them to engage.


We develop the key messages that need to be heroed across the brand. And structure them to work across media and audiences.


We will define the key statement that can live alongside the brand to elevate its meaning. Something, short, snappy and engaging that sticks in your head.

Experiential assets

The power of sound, movement and non tangible assets creates memorability and emotional triggers that live beyond a static visuals.


We help brands find their sound through consistent use of music that they can become synonymous with in people’s minds.

Sound effects/Sonic

We explore the world of sound effects, sonics, stings and more to add auditory interest to brands.


We take brands off the page and screen by exploring ways for using human senses to connect with the brand.

Motion Design

We explore movement in every brand we create. Exciting the eye with animation, video footage and more to drive engagement and action.

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