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Over the past 12 years Greg has been fortunate to work for some revered companies like strategic intelligence service Contagious, game-based learning platform Kahoot! and Healthcare Agency of the Year Havas Lynx. During this time he has worked as a researcher and strategist overseeing award winning campaigns and progressive initiatives for the likes of Sanofi Genzyme, Sony, Nike and Astrazeneca. Throughout his career Greg has always put the customer and end user at the heart of everything he does, and is a strong advocate of using outside approaches like Design Thinking to forge better ways for brand to engage with their audience.

Finisterre – as apparent as founder Tom Kay’s hard-on for Patagonia is, you cannot knock the authenticity and longevity in what this recently B-corp certified Cornish surf brand is doing. Resurrecting a rare british sheep breed to secure supply of british Merino wool showed immense commitment and ventured further up the supply chain than most brands care to consider, and their cold water surf proposition pokes a finger in the eye of an industry built on a perma-tanned, boardshort-clad lifestyle that is far from the reality of the majority of surfers on the planet.

Aldi because of their under-applauded (and brave!) belief that more choice isn’t a good thing for customers. Rather than presenting you with 47 varieties of tinned apricots and the cognitive burden of figuring out which one to put in your basket, they simply find the best tin of apricots they can and sell them at the lowest possible price. Less choice equals reduced mental fatigue, less shelf space means smaller stores and shorter shops – perfect if food shopping is not your prefered way to spend your free time.

Anchoring as it’s such a simple one to grasp and immediately you can’t believe how regularly you are guided and tricked by it


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