First and foremost, a huge welcome to Amy who recently joined us at The Behaviours Agency!

We sat down to ask her a few questions about her time at TBA so far…

Tell us about your first three months working for The Behaviours Agency?

The Behaviours Agency has been nothing but supportive and progressive. I’ve been a part of different conversations, client work and research projects. The team is so welcoming and there are so many opportunities for learning from one another, which I love.  Within my first week, I’d gone to a buddy lunch, and a seminar talk and been taken out for countless coffees to meet my new colleagues. Starting a new job, in an industry I’d not worked in before, provided a mixed bag of emotions. I knew I had the relevant experience and training gathered from over the years, but more importantly I had the right mindset. I really enjoy learning about behaviours and understanding how to improve the world around us. The worries of not “catching up” or not “knowing enough” fizzled away the moment I walked through the door and sat at my shiny new desk!

So before TBA, what were you doing? 

It’s very fair to say I’m a busybody. I undertook my degree smack in the middle of Covid, so didn’t have the desired university experiences, but didn’t want a global pandemic to completely hinder my prospects. Through some frustration, but mainly determination, I decided to be creative and gain experiences that I thought would advance my career opportunities.

I’d opened myself to every opportunity, I operated my own bakery business from my parent’s kitchen for 2.5 years. I became a freelance art event facilitator and food tour guide – an odd mix, that surprisingly worked very well!  

To add to the CV,  myself and a few of my university pals started our own theatre company that looked at the behaviour of humans and the relationships we have. Alongside all of that, I worked in Hospitality for 6 years and have been managing teams for 2 years for two top restaurants in Liverpool! 

Oh and I finished my degree, in Drama and Contemporary Performance. All at the age of 22. The biggest life lesson I took from all of that, I can manage my time really really well. 

Following all of this, I knew I was at the point in my life where I needed to transition to a more career-focused job, but didn’t want to define myself straight away with the first job that came along post-university. I knew I had a strong skill set, determination and focus. After a few conversations with friends and family, I joined Agent Academy for a 12-week internship and to this day it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! 

Agent Academy brought my internship cohort into The Behaviours Agency for a workshop on consumer insights and behavioural science with Sue and this is where my love affair with TBA started. 

48 hours later, I had an interview with Sue about a role and was trying so hard not to get excited about potentially working at The Behaviours Agency. Fast forward 4 weeks and I had just received an offer to start at the Agency as the new Account Executive!

I couldn’t thank the TBA Team enough for my first few months. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!

Account Executive

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