I’ve just heard that the Big Jubilee Lunch anticipates that the number of people out in the streets this weekend will rival those that were out on VE Day. So, are we going to be out partying? Or perhaps taking advantage of the four days holiday for a weekend getaway? Or will we make every retailers dream come true by shopping?

Rightly so, retailers up and down the country have been working hard to drive people to shop over the special four day weekendthat celebrates the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I’ve personally witnessed brand colours replaced with red, white and blue, more bunting than you can shake a stick at and even plastic corgis have made an appearance.

There’s no doubting that retail has already benefited from the Jubilee, with products as well as point of sale and window displays being given a regal touch. John Lewis has already reported in an interview with Reuters that its surge in weekly sales has been helped by demand for jubilee themed products.

So, will the two extra days holiday we’ve been given this weekend, be bumper days for retail?

Certainly the outlook looks positive. Historically retail sales are buoyant over bank holiday periods and The Centre for Retail Research Limited reported on Sunday that the combined effect of both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics this summer, should see consumers spending1.3% or £1.07bn more from June to August 2012 than the previous year. The weather will alsoplay a part, and which categories prosper is highly dependent on rain or shine.

Whether civic pride and the feel good spirit that the Jubilee has ignited in the British public will rub off on consumer confidence, we’ll have to wait and see. But I hope that this mark’s a long awaited return to the high street. Even if it is just for four days.

Sue Benson