I’ve just heard that John Lewis is celebrating record sales for the second week in a row. Now this doesn’t come as a big surprise to me as I, like thousands of others across the country, have fallen hook line and sinker for the two lovelorn snowmen that feature at the centre of the retailer’s festive campaign.

I’m a big fan of Christmas and one of my favourite pastimes at this time of year is to pour over the many ads that spring up on our TVs to celebrate the season. I have to say that this year I’ve been a little disappointed as many retailers have opted to play safe, relaying tried and tested formulas – an approach that I suspect has been influenced by the double dip recession and high street woes.

Supermarkets seem to be the most uninspired with frame after frame of a busy – and pretty stressed out mum – catering for her mammoth family as they wait expectantly around a giant table. Aldi and Tesco are the main exceptions for me, demonstrating a little more festive cheer and originality. But it’s John Lewis that gets my vote as the best campaign this Christmas.

And I’m not alone. The ‘Snowman’s Journey’ topped Conlumino’s 2012 poll of consumer’s favourite Christmas advertising recently with just under a third of the votes. I have several family members who work for John Lewis and even they have fallen under the snowman’s spell.

For me this is why the campaign is so successful. John Lewis hasn’t just created a great ad, they have let it live and breathe throughout everything they’ve done both online and in store. Children queue patiently up and down the country to get snapped with the snowman, there’s a children’s book about the story, a soundtrack to download and you can get the chance to win most of it through their social media.

In my view John Lewis has been the bravest and boldest retailer this year in their approach to Christmas advertising. They’ve broken the norm and run with a concept that doesn’t show product or try to sell you anything. But above all, there’s also no doubting the warm fuzzy glow that the story demands from its viewers – and for me that’s what Christmas spirit is all about.