There’s no getting away from the fact that trends play an influential role in an agency creative’s world. It’s not only about providing inspiration for new ideas, but also about adding value and weight to new campaigns, helping clients better understand the rationale.

Recognising what’s popular at the moment, mixed with a bit of crystal ball gazing, can really help mould new designs to something that works and engages an audience in the here and now.

Observation across fashion, interiors as well as at future exhibitions and shows can all help shape your view of what’s on-trend, but sometimes it’s just down to gut instinct. Of course, trends are often just revivals and fads. Some of them you follow and some inspire you to change the way you work, such as the move from print to digital.

Most creatives look to push boundaries and are in pursuit of being the first to spot the next big thing so at the end of last year I read Creative Bloq’s predictions for 2013 with interest. This hit me with resonance as many of the themes are already running through some of our own work. Here are my ones to watch as we move into spring.

Geometric design is all over the fashion and interior world at the moment. Some of my favourite work is in illustration, particularly by Chad Hagen who uses simplistic geometric shapes. Our spring campaign for Sharps Bedrooms is inspired by this theme, bringing bold shapes to life. It’s also one to work with when looking at new product development styling with room layouts.

On a similar theme, I recently read Information Is Beautiful by David McCandless, showing how a vast amount of information and data can be shown in an interesting and engaging way. Many of our clients are requesting Infographics and they are certainly here to stay.

Set to explode this year is the move from digital to print. Many of the brands we work with want to reduce the amount of print, and consumers expect to be able to download whatever information they want, so digital brochures are very much becoming the norm. This is an exciting medium to work with as you can do so much more than you could ever have done in print with the same budget – to get the same amount of engagement you would have to invest in texture and expensive print techniques. Digital makes product and corporate brochures much more interesting, offering an opportunity to design interactive pieces that bring features and pages to life. Two of my favourites are Adobe Inspire and Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Magazine

Big & bold originated in the fashion world but it’s creeping into interiors for 2013. For me this trend works now as we’re well past ‘50 shades of grey’ – we want colour and we want it bold, shouting out to lift us from the last few years spent in monochrome hiding. There has been no escaping it this winter on the High Street as men and women adorned brightly coloured jeans, jumpers and coats. I’m certainly using brights now in retail POS. I may even promise myself not to use grey this year.

Stripping it back, making it simple, with no unnecessary additional frills or fancies has already made a comeback. It’s all about going back to basics and making each of your elements work in perfect harmony. A couple of our rebranding projects have been based on this notion, ensuring that the brand stands proud and making the end result much more flexible to work with.

The world has become a much smaller place and with this remote working has boomed. Cloud-based storage means that you can work offsite with access to everything you need, anywhere and at any point in your working day (or night!). Life is much more efficient, you can work more flexibly with clients, and even reduce overheads. It also gives you access to the best talent, and we are now working with some of the most highly-skilled creative people across the globe. These are exciting times.