I’ve probably had my brand head somewhere buried in the sand, so completely missed any hype about the launch of the new Warburtons pitta crisps. But just as I thought that trapsing round Tesco on a Friday night would never end, there sitting in the proudly in the increasingly dull crisp aisle was the new Warburtons Pitta crisp. Without evening batting an eye my husband put the crisps – both flavours – in our trolley.

Now how’s that for successful brand extension. We then had a debate about whether Warburtons had the brand credentials to stretch into crisps, but it seems that his view – its baked, therefore it works. Who am I to argue! Warburtons new brand identity, packaging formats and postioning certainly lends itself to innovation and Family Bakers  is clearly broad enough to carry into other baked categories – so where next for Warburtons? What fun they must be having.

Sue Benson