Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do? Why does your friend always seem to be exercising, while your neighbour seems content with a quiet life? Understanding motivation, the driving force behind our choices is the key to unlocking successful interactions in every aspect of life. And for marketers? Understanding motivation can supercharge brands and campaigns!

Motivation Decoded

Motivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept. It’s a complex web of emotions, desires, and goals that propel us forward.  While some may crave validation from others and social connection, others might be internally driven by a thirst for knowledge and personal growth.  Identifying these core motivators is crucial for marketers who want to connect with their customers on a deeper level, be it by influencing brand preference or product selection.

How Motivation works

To create and maintain brand memorability, you need to align your brand, experiences and campaigns with the motivations of your audience.

Using behavioural science, we’ve developed a framework called the Motivation Map, which makes this easier. It narrows down our motivations into four key drivers. They differ based on two scales. One being how much people seek out positive experiences (their hopes) versus try to minimise negative experiences (their fears). The other being how much they seek out external validation versus internal reward and approval.

Unlocking the Power of Motivation

By understanding what truly motivates your audience, you can:

  • Create more memorable brands:
    Position your brand in a way that maximises the appeal of what you stand for for your audience.
  • Craft compelling messages:
    Tailor your communication to resonate with what makes them tick. Ideas, experiences and comms that tap into their sense of belonging or security (for example) will likely have a stronger impact than generic messages.
  • Build Stronger Relationships:
    When you understand what motivates someone, you can interact with them in a way that feels meaningful and supportive. Brands that foster this deeper attachment with their audience will build stronger links with them, creating more sales and improving lifetime value.

Motivation in action – Read about how we’ve used motivation for Karndean.

The Takeaway

Motivation is the engine that drives human behaviour. By understanding motivation you can supercharge brands and campaigns. Taking the time to understand the “why” behind people’s choices, we can unlock powerful new brand positioning territories and campaign ideas that build stronger connections, create more successful campaigns, and ultimately drive growth for businesses.

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